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Piezo Solutions for Nanotechnology Applications

Nano-Precision Piezo Actuators

Extreme Lifetime to
  100 Billion Cycles
High Force & Precision
Standard & Custom
Hgih Quality Piezo

Ultrasonic Piezo

Standard & Custom
High Performance
High Quality
Miniature Transducers

Flexible Piezoelectric
Patch Transducers

   Sensor & Actuator
Flexible Piezo
Mounts to
   Curved Surfaces
Standard & High Force

Piezo Motors for Nano Positioning

Non Magnetic
5 Different Designs
High Speed to
  High Force
Miniature OEM
Custom & Standard

Flexure-Guided Piezo Actuators

High Speed, for
  Fast Dispensing
High Force,
  Nanometer Accuracy
Integrated Guiding
Microns to
  Millimeters Travel

PI / PI Ceramic is the leading manufacturer of high quality piezo actuators and pzt transducers for applications in nanotechnology, nanopositioning, nano-metrology, in industries such as: Semiconductors; Biotechnology and Medicine; Lasers, Optics, Microscopy; Aerospace Engineering; Precision Machining; Astronomy and Microsystems Technology.

Miniature Piezo Transducers

Watch Piezo Transducers Video